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Vertigo - The Story behind the song

It all started in a tight space in an elevator on day one of new student orientation… that I first laid eyes on her. This is the story behind the song, Vertigo.

Nothing short of a miracle that we were the last two students to be added to the tour…and that both of our parents were present.

My flirtatious attempts seemed well received as she laughed… while I thought to myself, "Are all the girls at this college this gorgeous?" and why was my heart pounding in my chest? That night at the NSO Pep rally, I caught sight of the most beautiful cheerleader running across the field. It was her… and it was in that moment that I knew I would marry you from the very first day.

Unable to hold back, I found myself shouting her name, “Hailey!” Wait… I remembered her name? As she approached me, her blonde hair bouncing with the movement of her big red bow. I asked, “Do you remember my name?” She said, “I know it starts with a T”.

That’s when I felt it — heart stop, head spinning, Vertigo!

Our days were filled with countless encounters at the mini-market and walking her to class, before we eventually had Art class together. Let me tell you, when I say Vertigo… it’s heart racing, room spinning, the moment she entered the room.

I finally got up the courage to ask her on a date. She declined. Apparently scary movies were not her thing.

I asked again later… so let's take it back to the first date. We dined at a hibachi-style restaurant, enjoying our own private table. It was a perfect setting for us, where we laughed about our failed scary movie date and discussed our fascinatingly similar visions of the future. At one point, I glanced over and noticed she was hiding food she didn't like under her plate. She was so comfortable and so comforting, I hadn't felt this before! It felt as if I was dating someone I didn't even know existed, yet we were undoubtedly meant for each other.

Everything fell into place.

No matter the place or time in between us, it only made us stronger when we're away. Nothing would stand in our way, there’s nothing we can’t face.

From then on, each day was filled with happiness, laughing about the times before each other so that we can relate - every moment together is treasure.

I walked her to class every day and she was always worried I would be late for mine. I would lower my voice, lift one eyebrow and “slyly” say, "for you? I got endless minutes baby". She would look at me with her side eye and say, "What?", with me awkwardly responding, "Sorry, it's your eyes that keep me staring".

Believe that we're always ready for whatever challenges come our way. If something doesn't bring us joy, we cut it out if it's unnecessary.

Just as I knew on that very first day… I married this girl.

And at this point, it's safe to say we made it. We didn't have to search, it fell at our feet—the love we share came to us effortlessly. Every moment feels like history in the making. In the end, it's gonna be you and me.

Like lightning in a jar, bottled with such intensity that the energy force threatens to unravel us - coming undone we've come so far. It's a feeling I can't explain—it's like a buzz on life… like the buzz from alcohol.

So we’ve dropped the reigns and let go!

We’ve stopped trying to control the uncontrollable.

I'm in love from head to toe.

heart stop.

head spinning.


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